Do conkers deter spiders?

In The Times today, Hilary Rose discusses her problem with spiders in her flat. She says, “I know they’re wonderful, not pests, and we shouldn’t kill them but I’m a total arachnophobe. She then goes on to joke about the old wives’ tale that a bowl of conkers will deter spiders, and the difficulties of finding conkers in Central London.

Hmmm… It all sounds like a lot of effort to me! Surely just changing your response to spiders is easier than changing your life around to avoid them? Most people with a fear of spiders respond well to Hypnotherapy, and the problem is usually greatly reduced or even eliminated in just a couple of sessions, depending on the individual.

Furthermore, fear of spiders is often a learnt fear. When in childhood we see a parent or respected adult showing fear, it can often result in the child learning to react in the same way. Why not eliminate your own fear rather than pass it down to the next generation? Arachnophobia is probably not the legacy you want to be remembered for!