Hypnotherapy for Pain Management

Make choices about how you experience pain

young man in pain

Pain is felt in the body - but without a mind to feel, there can be no pain.


Of course we all know that pain is an alarm signal to the brain that something is wrong with the body. And it’s important that with any new or unexplained pain, you get yourself properly checked and treated by a qualified medical professional. Hypnotherapy is not a substitute for medical care, and anyone interested in Hypnotherapy for Pain Management needs to have seen a doctor first.

However sometimes with chronic pain the pain persists even when its job is done. Old pain is sometimes still felt in the mind, even though it no longer serves a purpose - for example, phantom limb pain.

man in pain

Sometimes it’s the mind that needs to be targeted, not the body.


Doctors deal primarily with the body, rather than the mind. And so, often for old, unnecessary chronic pain, there is very little a doctor can do except prescribe pain medication, which may have unwanted side effects. In cases like this, Hypnotherapy offers a variety of techniques that you can learn with the aim of giving you more control over how you feel and experience your own pain.

Let me help you change your mind, and manage the pain.