Hypnotherapy for Relaxation

in Lichfield

Relaxation is something we could all use more of. No matter whether you want to feel calmer in a certain situation, or just in general, Hypnotherapy can help you train your brain to let go and go with the flow whenever you need to.

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Learn self-hypnosis

Many people find that using self-hypnosis to relax just once or twice a day, can improve mood and lead to far greater feelings of calm and relaxation in general.

Why not try listening to one of my free audio downloads, ‘Self Hypnosis’ or ‘Hypnotic Rainbow Relaxation’?

Buddha calm relaxation with hypnotherapy in lichfield

Use a calm switch

Let me use Hypnotherapy and NLP to create your own personal ‘Calm Switch’, so you can re-create those peaceful, serene feelings any time at all.


Relaxation Sessions

I also offer specific Relaxation Hypnosis sessions. These sessions are just for relaxation, not therapy, and are ideal if you don’t want to work on any issues at the moment. Relaxation Hypnosis sessions are perfect for people who are curious about hypnosis and how it feels to be in a hypnotic state, as well as for people who just want to treat themselves to a wonderfully relaxing experience.

Let me help you to relax with Hypnotherapyand Neuro-Linguistic Programing techniques