Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy

Be free from smoking at last


If you really want to quit smoking, why not use Hypnotherapy to help you succeed?


I smoked myself for over a decade, and tried several times to quit. In fact I got really good at quitting… but unfortunately I was also pretty good at starting smoking again too. In the end I managed to stop by just using will power, and after enough time had passed, not smoking became a habit. But habits can be tough to break with will power alone.

I really wish I’d known that there is a better way to quit.

How Hypnotherapy can help

Hypnotherapy can’t give you the desire to quit smoking - you need to actually want to stop. If you do want to stop, but are struggling to actually manage it, then Hypnotherapy may be for you.

The really hard part of quitting smoking isn’t the mild physical withdrawal from nicotine. If it was, nicotine patches would work every time. The hard thing is the mental dependency/habit - and that’s where Hypnotherapy fits in.

Hypnotherapy can help you think differently about smoking, changing the old patterns associated with your smoking habit. With Hypnotherapy we can identify the reasons why you smoke, and address them subconsciously, so that you don’t feel the need to replace your smoking with other unwanted behaviour such as snacking. We can also identify the triggers and situations in which you are used to smoking, and replace the smoking with a different response.

You probably don’t even enjoy most of the cigarettes you smoke.

No matter how many cigarettes you smoke, or how long you have been smoking for, you were once happy as a non-smoker. Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy aims to take you back to where you were then - a non-smoker, rather than an ex-smoker.

Bin the habit for good with my Stop Smoking Package.


Stop Smoking Package

The Hypnotic Stop Smoking Package is especially designed to get the best results for smokers who want to quit. It consists of:

  • Initial consultation to discuss your reasons for wanting to quit, and the triggers and associations smoking has for you.

  • Extended Session (up to two hours). This will include a tailored pre-talk to increase your confidence and belief that you can quit, followed by the hypnotic tools and techniques I have chosen specifically to suit you.

  • A personal audio recording, if wanted.

  • A follow up session any time within the next 30 days, if you feel it’s needed.

Bin the habit for good with my Stop Smoking Package

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