Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Weight is a very personal issue. If you are happy with your weight, then whatever it is, there’s no problem. But, if you are unhappy about your weight and have the desire to change, then maybe I can help.

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It’s about what’s right for you.


There are so many different reasons why people carry excess weight:

  • Poor food choices, sometimes due to lack of planning

  • Portion sizes

  • Grazing all day

  • Being unable to leave unwanted food on the plate

  • Too much convenience or junk food

  • Comfort eating or emotional issues

  • Problem foods - often chocolate

I offer personalised sessions, targeting the specific issues that you have. Weight management really isn’t a one-size-fits all approach, so your session will be aimed at what YOU need.

Diets don’t work

We all know that diets don’t work! How many times have you lost weight on a diet, only to put it all back on again as soon as you stopped? And do you really want to go to a diet club every week for the rest of your life?

Surely it makes sense to change how you feel about food instead?

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The good news is that what we eat is actually entirely under our own control

Hypnotherapy is about permanently changing the eating habits that cause the excess weight, so that you can have the slim, healthy body you want without feeling deprived. Together we can decide what needs to change for you to achieve the result you want.

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Shift the weight for good

Change is up to you